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About Diamond Spikes Baseball
Committed to helping our players achieve their potential.

Diamond Spikes Baseball Families,  

There are few experiences that can cultivate the growth of young athletes; being part of a great team is one. When young athletes are part of a selfless group working toward the same significant goal, their experiences will influence who they are for the remainder of their lives.  

As a coaching staff we would like all of our parents to understand and recognize each player as an integral part of our team. We put forth great amounts of time and effort to optimize the performance of our teams by positioning players where we believe they will help the team most. 

Our Diamond Spikes staff believes that players develop, not by being sheltered from challenges in order to protect their self-esteem, but by competing against the best competition available. Winning is not the point but having the will to prepare and win is. We believe in not giving up and never giving in and never being satisfied with what you’ve done. We believe constantly striving to become the best that you can be is the point that matters. Wins and losses do not matter in the scope of life but thinking and behaving like a champion will guide you always. 

Through preparation and play Diamond Spikes will learn life lessons about goal setting, dedication, commitment, sacrifice, team building, friendships and loyalty. As coaches and parents our goal is to instill the unequivocal belief and confidence in our players/children and their teammates. When our goal is met we have built champions on and off the field. 

Keeping all of these thoughts in mind we have built a very special TEAM. I’m personally blessed to be able to coach a great group of athletes and have great COACHES who will go above and beyond for the players of the Diamond Spikes organization. Our coaches believe that “It’s about the team, not one individual regardless of the connection to the player.” 

In closing let me take this time to thank the Coaching Staff and parents for getting the boys ready this winter. Remember it starts with us, as parents to build the foundation our boys need in life. I thank you the parents for that. If you ever have doubt or a question regarding anything having to with Diamond Spikes Baseball please contact any of the coaches. 


Mike Cardino 
Diamond Spikes Baseball 
VP Baseball Operations